Psychic ability (WITCHCRAFT) De-Mystified

CAUTION: We do not and cannot possess powers of "Clairvoyance" or "Psychic ability"!
In fact, it works quit the opposite... those "powers" would like to possess you! You should have learned from StepFulfill Your Destinyand specifically Ephesians 6:12 that "powers" are a type of demon!

Demons have been around for thousands of years. They are spirits. They don't die.

Just as God has assigned a guardian angel to you, satan has assigned a demon to you as well. It has been watching you since before you were born, possibly passed down from your parents or ancestors, through unchallenged strongholds.    ...This you should know.  

Psychic ability (WITCHCRAFT) De-Mystified (in brief):

Let's look at the psychics that are out there:
There are two types:
  1. The con-man that will say any hopeful-sounding thing to get your money.
  2. The "practitioner" who has, at some point, opened themselves up to demonic interaction.
We wont bother with the fake (con-man) psychics. But there are "real" psychics who are tapping into the demonic realm to get their "powers". Let's take a look at those "powers" (demons).

Consider, if you were able to watch my life without me knowing it, even when I'm sleeping, in the bathroom, driving in the car, etc. You could study my body language and character development 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for all of my life... you would pretty well know my reactions and inclinations. Take that a step further by adding a little guidance and with mental and emotional hooks in my soul, and you would have a pretty good influence or "handle" (stronghold) on me! This is what demons are able to do.

Let's entertain this scenario further: You play the role of the demon spirit, I'll play the role of the human you're assigned to. So, what if, I go to a small grocery store and I steal a bag of peanuts: Nobody saw me... except you (my personal demon buddy). Then I go to a Hollywood studio party. They have lots of fun things to do including tarot card readers, Hypnotist, palm readers and a really well known psychic. I'm there with my girlfriend, and I want to know what the future holds. so I take my girlfriend to check-out the famous psychic.

All of a sudden the psychic gets mysteriously serious, and I feel something going on that is beyond explanation. Then the Psychic looks at me as if he can see through my body, directly into my soul. He tells me about some of my dreams as well as things I've done and said ... when no one else was around! And to my girlfriend's surprise, he throws in the fact that, just recently, I stole some peanuts from a local small grocery store. ...Wow! HOW DID THE PSYCHIC KNOW THAT???

...YOU, my demon friend. You were right there, diligently caring to your asSIGNment over me. (And by the way, it was you that inspired me to steal, in the first place!) Now we are, in this fun psychic booth, and all you (as my spirit demon) have to do is tell the demon of the "psychic" what my latest secret sin is... This is nothing more than a demonic 'Word of Knowledge'.

Indeed, we have demystified what is happening, by considereing what is happening in the Spiritual Realm. The psychic does possess clairvoyance, but is listening to a demon that they have willingly opened themself to. Demons can give accurate details of your past and of some ancient Lord from centuries past, but they cannot tell you of your future - only possibilities which they may have some influence to bring to pass or by your self fulfillment at best.

Let's continue with this scenario. Because I'm clueless and am only seeing what's happening in the flesh... I'm now truly thinking that this famous psychic is the real deal and as a result, he has my honest and undivided attention -- My belief is that this is truly a supernatural experience... because IT IS!

.... Because the psychic perceves that she has my confidence, she proceeds to tell me some promosing forecasts of my future expectations mixed in with some cautions. I'm still a bit skeptical. But now, my curiosity has me more than ready and willing to take her psychic advice more seriously. ...And you (my personally asSIGNed demon) will do your best to suggest and guide me into brief success, followed by continual self-sabotage, addiction and suicide if you can get me depressed enough, or if I seem hungry enough your real hope and effort to do so would be to get me as quickly as possible into "white" or all-out black witchcraft and satan worship.

Now let's look at the famous psychic in this scenario. Let's suppose, that before you became famous, you and some new-age friends started by getting together to develop your clairvoyant abilites.

When you ALLOW a demon to "channel" through you or let them be a "spirit-guide" ... or even "heal" you through "polarity" therapy, reiki, emotional clearing, touch-for-health, etc -- You are simply allowing that demon to have access to your soul and body. It is the demon that is DEMONstrating its power through the practitioner - and because both are allowing it, both will suffer the UNDETECTED consequences sooner or not too much later, because the symptoms of those consequences will not be obviously related to the original problem. Again, the devil does not play fair. It draws you away through blind-spots and gains access to your soul through strongholds (lies that you believe). Why? .... John 10:10a.


Incidentally, Just as you may have a demonic "gaurdian" , you may also have ancestrial demonic assignments through the zodiac signs which are demonic principality perversions of the constellations. So the next time you are asked "What's your sign?" they are unknowingly asking what's your demon as-sign-ment!

2 Corinthians 2:11
"Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."

For better understanding of this article, it is best to view all the articles in this series in context, with the Holy Bible at your reference and the Holy Spirit in your heart.

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