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Blue Letter Bible

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If you don't have a Bible, no problem. This has it all. you can look up a Bible verse and study it all the way from different translations down to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It also has robust commentaries from widely known and trusted teachers.
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Biblical Calendars

Biblical Calendars

There are some great Messianic Calendars that show the biblical year with the Gregorian Calendar which most of us in the "Gentile" world have been brought up with. Here is one that we like to use from "Out of Zion" Ministries (click image on left)

For a Messianic/Hebrew calendar
that is Biblically Accurate, Current and loaded with prophetic details. (click image on right)

Prayers That Heal The Heart

Prayers That Heal The Heart

By Dr. Mark Virkler

Describes 7 different areas that allow demons to the right to mess you up...
This outlines what every Christian should know and understand (and can do) !
Memorize the outline which shows how demons build their home in your mind, soul and body.

INTERVIEW with Sid Roth: Click Here
BOOK, GUIDE, Audios and DVD package: Click Here

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When Pigs Move In

When Pigs Move In

By Don Dickerman -Prison Deliverance Minister

Don Dickerman Ministries
Don is a very humble man of God who has learned the wisdom that dealing with demons is not a power encounter but a Truth encounter where Jesus Christ wins every time.

The real question is:   >> Do you Really WANT to know the Truth?

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Go through This First: Victory Over the Darkness

Go through This Next: The Bondage Breaker

Neil Anderson takes you through an excellent process of inventorying and clearing out demonic infestation and toxic mind structures. His audio series are full of great practical instruction that he gives from his experiences both personally and from his years in Christian counseling. In addition he is very enjoyable to listen to, very down to earth and even humorous.

One thing he stresses that is key to take note of is that salvation happens immediately, cleaning up the aftermath of your soul and life is a process. But that process is relatively short in comparison to the amount of time it took to build up those strongholds of the enemy in your life. Ironically, when dealing with demons, our authority does not increase with volume!

Neil also reminds us that some issues are deep rooted and getting to the core is like peeling the layers of an onion...a process that takes willful effort and tears. Our own pride is our greatest enemy and therefore, the speed of recovery is directly related to how humble and HONEST you are with yourself and God.

You will find similarities in with Neil Anderson, Mark Virkler and Don Dickerman in that, where their methods have subtle differences, all of them agree that each victory is not won through a power struggle, but through a Truth encounter where we are first yield to the authority of Christ.

Neil Anderson's "Freedom In Christ" ministry is still very active and available Nationwide:

Overcoming The Spirit of Poverty Img

Overcoming The Spirit of Poverty

This teaching may open your eyes to how this destructive spirit has made it's way inside your head or someone you love.

Find it at : Morningstar eBooks


Satan's Dirty Little Secret Img

Satan's Dirty Little Secret

The Two Demon Spirits That All Demons Get Their Strength From.

Find it here : Satan's Dirty LIttle Secret


The Final Quest, The Call ... Img
The Final Quest, The Call
(... AND The Sword and the Torch)
Highly recommended trilogy: The Final Quest, The Call, The Torch & Sword --By Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner has had some awesome revelations (and visions). This is like spiritual prophetic candy and will enhance your spiriatual vision by giving you a vivid picture of what's happening in the spiritual realm.

We just recently re-read the trilogy and the fourth book: 'The PATH', and this time we clearly saw where we (personally) were in this revelation. In every Chapter, the Holy Spirit emphasized what was happening in our lives as well as the Church and the World.

Humility is manditory! Pray before you read it. Don't skip the preface. Enjoy it WITH the Holy Spirit!
"The Sword and the Torch" is the third book (not shown here).

Find it here : The Final Quest Trilogy
Find it here : The PATH

Who Switched Off My Brain? Img

Who Switched Off My Brain?

Dr. Caroline Leaf shows from her studies of how the brain works physiologically, of how strongholds develop in not only our minds and souls but in our physical brain as well. She gives hope and instruction on how within days of honest effort, we can replace the "toxic trees" (strongholds) in our brain with healthy trees of Life from the Truth of God's Word.

Find it here: Who Switched Off My Brain?


The Divinity Code Img

The Divinity Code

DREAMS should not be ignored especially prophetic ones. As always, you must seek the proper interpretation from the Holy Spirit. Many times we have found that recording as much detail as possible from the dream greatly help to discover its meaning. This reference is extremely helpful when working through the symbolism of the dream. As you work through the symbolic details of the dream WITH the Holy SPirit, the interpretation is not long after (if not during). Caution: Many people overlook the warnings that a dream may reveal. Be open to yielding to what the Holy Spirit may be trying to correct in you (Prov 3:12) ... before you bloody your nose running straight into disaster! It's always been worth it to record the dream immediately, even if you are too tired. Then don't neglect doing the small amount of research of the symbols (details).

Find it here: The Divinity Code


Cosmic Finger Prints


Cosmic Finger Prints

Answers to the Hard Questions.      

Find it here: Cosmic Finger Prints

Main Website: Reasons To Believe


He Came to Set the Captives Free Img

He Came to Set the Captives Free

Dr. Rebecca Brown had a collision course with the satanic world. She exposes what most people, especially Christians don't want to acknowledge. If you want to begin to understand the dark side while staying in the Light of Christ, read this book. It's a little outdated, but still well worth learning.

Excerpt of Overview: "Elaine became one of the top witches in the U.S. and almost killed Dr. Brown before turning her life over to Jesus Christ. This is a shocking expose of Satan's activities in Christian churches and a manual on how to fight back."

Find it here : He Came To Set The Captives Free