The Name of God

Old Testament

YHVH: The Name(s) of God    

Many have mis-used and misunderstood the name of God.

The Name(s) of God ,
The Old Testament of The Holy Bible has reverenced the Name of God as the highest name above all others as there is no other God. His name is not to be taken disrespectfully nor is He. His name is truly Holy, His Grace is everlasting and He extends His Love to all freely.

In the Bible, the names of God only differ in identifying the characteristics of His nature. Those characteristics are great, as indeed, He is great. All Human forms of expression fall short of adequately describing and honoring Him. Yet unlike us, He doesn't need to have his ego and pride pumped up. He simply is God - which means there is no other greater.

God is THE Intelligent Creator/Designer that lives outside of our limited 3 physical dimensions and unidirectional time dimension. Even the most brilliant human mind is NOT able to comprehend Him -- otherwise God would be no greater than we are! Scientists (that are honest), discover amazing depths of our existence, that only an Intelligent Designer that is greater than us, could have created. But scientists fail when they attempt to explain away God, and therefore omit crucial data in their theories. We are arrogant to think we can judge God or out-think Him.

It takes humility to confess that we have dis-prespected His name and Him. Sadly, many would rather hold on to their pride, and continue to disrepect God forever in a place where God does not dwell -- which is Hell. (Please, Don't let that be you).

God made you with the great capacity to Love. The power of Love is fully realized in a relationship where it is not only received, but given freely in return.

Although God's gift of Love is of the greatest value (even Eternal LIFE), it has no value unless it is accepted. To know the Almighty Living God is not easy: You have to humble yourself like a little child.

Amazingly, the all-powerful Living God who is full of Grace and Loving Kindness, longs to endear us to Himself. Similar to our earthly father, our Heavenly "Abba " Father will respond to our personal name for Him even though it is not his formal name. A father knows the voice of his child and it is the heart which the father looks upon, beyond the name the child uses to address him (God looks on the heart)...

New Testament

Yeshua - Jesus:

The name "Jesus" is an English transliteration for the Hebrew name of Yeshua (Yesu, Y'shuah), and was further derived from Yahoshuah or Yahushuah... which translates to "Ya saves" or "God our Salvation."

The name "Christ" is the English transliteration for the Hebrew name of Meshiach which also means "God's Annointed One." By faith, both gentile and Jew can address Almighty God. But only by faith in Christ (Messiah) can God's Holy Spirit indwell us.

It is Messiah (Christ) who bridges the gap between Jews and Gentiles. This has been God's plan all along as you begin to see the full combined context of both "Old" and "New" Testaments of the Holy Bible. From the Garden, through the Cross and into the future at "The End of Days", God's plan of Salvation is always to restore an unrestricted relationship between Himself and every human who accepts His invitation.

The Time of the Gentiles
At this point in history, we are in what is called "the Time of the Gentiles." Ironically, the literal English name of Jesus has no meaning (in and of itself) as compared to Yeshua. Yet, Born-again Christians use the English name of Jesus not only to receive Salvation but also with demonstration of the power of God (when they are in obedience to the will of God). This causes God by His Holy Spirit to bring healing and miracles and salvation to many, regardless of what race or depth of wickedness they are borne in. Remember, God created us for the purpose of being in eternal fellowship with Him. His Salvation is extended to all mankind not just one race. None-the-less, it is the through the Jews that God chose to reveal His Salvation to all.

Ironically, all religions do NOT lead to God, yet God is not hindered by any religion, time-period, politics or knowledge of man to effectively communicating to an individual through His Creation and His Holy Spirit, the invitation to know Him in spirit and in Truth. This can be readily witnessed when somone from any other religion or walk of life on Earth, comes to Christ, they immediately see that He is the Truth that their contrite heart has been searching for.

The time of the Gentiles has been said to be a time when God would show His power and Love through gentile believers in the Messiah in such a way as to provoke the Jews who have wondered astray, to return to God in their hearts. But YHVH (G-d) does so as a tender and loving Father who desires the heart of the people through whom He has chosen to deliver the message and the way for all people to repent of their pride and return to Him, whereby He will write His Love and His Laws of Life upon their hearts. Jeremiah 31:31-34

Destiny in the Name:
A Biblical name always has the destiny of the individual imbeded in it's meaning. Throughout the Bible (Old and New Testaments) there is a central theme / meaning: God is God, He made us and gave us the choice to either find True Life and our freedom in His Love, or choose our own arrogance by judging whether God complies to our standards and spend eternity hanging on to our self-righteousness in Hell. Indeed, God has gone the distance to save us from ourselves and He is long suffering for us to get "the clue" and discover how our lives are much better with Him rather than without Him.

Angels live in the eternal realm, so if they choose to rebel against God, they have no second chance, and so, Hell is where they have chosen to go. But while we are on the Earth, we have every breath to choose God ... or not. Ultimately, all angels and humans are faced with an eternal decision, which God allows because of His Grace, but also, He must allow the consequences because He is Just. He gives us the choice because He is Love and desires for us to share His Love. True love cannot be faked or forced, it must be freely given and that is the bottom line of our existence. Truly, He offers His Love to us and has done so with His very Life, and the only thing that can separate us from His Love is our own pride.

For God so loved the world,
that He gave His only begotten son,
that whosoever believes in Him
shall not perish,
but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

What does His name mean to you?
What does His Life means to you?
God has done everything He can to re-establish His relationship with you.
But He wont force you.

The choice is yours... [Click Here]