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If you are not "saved", then this website will be only information to you, because without Christ, you cannot walk the Path of True Freedom. Truly, it is God who has placed you on this Earth at this time in History. Without walking with Him, for Him and to Him, you will miss the ultimate destiny that God has created you for.

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if you want to remain "un-saved",
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"Welcome to the Real World"
From the movie 'The MATRIX' (after Neo takes the 'red pill')
Please Note: References to the Movie "The Matrix" do not imply validation of its philosophy concerning the spiritual world. Obviously, the makers of the movie have taken many concepts from Plato, "Alice in Wonder Land" and especially the Bible and combined them out of context for the purposes of entertainment.

Not withstanding, certain elements of this movie's fictional adventure (as well as referential elements from other movies) are used because they provide a fun illustration of the invisible spiritual world. For a serious and accurate view of spiritual reality, we rely 100% on the Holy Bible.


If you just got saved ( Born Again ), then you have just crossed the threshold from eternal death to eternal life. Your spirit has been reborn into the Kingdom of God...      
You are now officially a "saint"
(One who is 'set apart' and made Holy by the redemption of Christ).

It is vital that you begin reading God's Word in the Holy Bible. We recommend starting in the Four Gospels (at the beginning of the New Testament) and eventually reading the entire Bible from cover to cover. Pray first and ask God to help you and guide you as you seek Him through His Word. He is alive and you have a relationship with Him, and the main way you communicate with Him and He communicates with you - is through your heart. You will know it is Him because everything He says is true and brings you life.

"It is the Spirit who gives life;
the flesh profits nothing.
The words that I speak to you are spirit,
and they are life."
(John 6:63).

You will have questions, and though many of the vital questions will be addressed in this website, nothing can compare to what God Himself will reveal to you through His Word. There is a wealth of Life's secrets in His Word because it is through His Word that you will find Him in a new way, over and over again.

This website  was designed as a discipleship training tool to help accelerate your spiritual growth in the Kingdom of God. It will give you what many Christians have learned on their own - the hard way. There's a lot here, and will take a some time to get through, but it's well worth it because it will knock off years of wasted time.
StepFulfill Your Destinywill help you to recognize and avoid the pitfalls with which the devil would entrap you. While in stepsFulfill Your DestinyandFulfill Your Destiny move you into a path of discovering, living and fulfilling Your Destiny in the True Freedom and LIFE of Christ for your life.

In contrast, this website was NOT designed with the sugar coating you might find in many ministries that are "Luke-Warm". True Christianity is not about being in an imaginary state of bliss. In fact, we are actually in a state of spiritual war ...which should no longer be ignored! Unfortunately, Many who desire to know what's really going on, are left with shallow explanations that leave them unequipped, unprepared and even more vulnerable to an enemy that seeks to ultimately destroy them.

We who have written, promoted and maintain this website have done so not for the sake of popularity or success in the World nor in the compromised 'Christian Arena'. Instead, we have done so as we are in service to our Lord Jesus Christ to empower and gain you as not only an ally in the spiritual war that is waged against us, but more importantly, because you are a brother/sister bound together with us by the Life and Blood of The Prince of Peace (Yeshua HaMashiach - Jesus Christ - The Messiah).

As a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, you are now a citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven. It is the most awesome of places, as you have no doubt begun to discover. But as you are in the World and not of it, there are harsh realities you must face...

Please, stop and pray before you continue, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

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