Detoxifying the Soul:

From Your Addiction(s)
== Overcome  What Has Been  Overcoming You ==

ALL Addictions have a spiritual root that is improperly addressed in world-based solutions (if addressed at all). As an example, Alcoholics Anonymous changed their 12 step program from dependence on God to dependence on a "higher power"... But that results in you submitting to a demon that is actually labeled as a "power" (Ephesians 6:12). ...What you need is faith in the one who is the absolute Highest Power --- Jesus Christ ( Ephesians 1:17-23 ; Psalm 138:2 ).

Worldly Solutions, at best, may help you resolve some of the deep rooted SYMPTOMS in your soul. But without addressing the spiritual strongholds, you will find problems arise in another area that you would not suspect are related. In other words, if the devil can't destroy you in one area, he will seek another. Interestingly, many Secular therapists believe that you can only replace one addiction with another (less destructive or positive) one. They are not far from the truth because we are created to be dependent ... on God. When we place our dependence on anything or anyone else, we follow a path of self-destruction - whether it be fast-paced as with drugs, or slow and subtle as with time wasting pre-occupations that distract us from the true abundant life Christ offers us.

No matter what your addiction may be, the process of getting free is the same. But the struggle(s) you may go through may widely differ both in details and intensity. The details are wrapped in your personal experiences and desires. The intensity is wrapped in the depth of your own pride to have your root needs for Love, security and significance met improperly through your addictive behavior.

We strongly recommend that at some point, you go through the first program, because though it addresses a specific stronghold and addiction, it takes you through a process that the Holy Spirit will use to open your spiritual eyes in a down to earth yet practical way that a real person (like You and me)  can actually do.  Transform your walk to be closer to Christ in a truly free and liberating (not liberal) way.

If you cannot find a specific program that addresses your need, you should be able to find help either in the Resources Page   or the ministries page . If you have gone through a program that has been effective for you and you believe it would useful for others using this website, please contact us . We only ask that it is one that is written by someone who has themselves become free by the Grace of God and through the Lord Jesus Christ.   This is not a website designed to impress other Christians. It is designed to accelerate the spiritual growth of those who sincerely desire the Truth, want to be Truly Free and walk in the path of Life ... abundantly.
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The Number One Area of Bondage...

This program addresses a broad-spread, rampant and common spiritual "dis-ease" that is worldwide, known as pornography. And because of recent technology, it's growth rate has skyrocketed to rival that of alcohol and drugs.

It attacks how God fundamentally created our mind to work - in images. As we view an image, we have to make a decision as to whether what we are seeing is real or not. If we decide that what we see is real, when it is not - we enter the world of fantasy (or pretend). In this case, we are deliberately telling our mind to accept a counterfeit.

Why do we do that?

Because the image is a picture of something we want and desire. When we see something that we know we can't have, but allow our desire for it to intensify beyond rational thinking, it becomes lust. Lust is desire that is out of control - or rather desire that controls you.

Why can't we just let it go?

Because at that point, we believe we must have the object in the image to satisfy one or more of our primary needs (Love, security and significance). This is the root of ALL idol worship!

Advertising makes big money on our lust of the eyes: We see James Bond with the beautiful girl in the expensive sports car... Therefore we believe if we must buy the expensive sports car (that we can't afford), so we will get the beautiful girl (Love), because we have attained the illusion of success (security) that everyone will see and appreciate (significance) especially the beautiful girl. Lust accelerates a natural desire way paste a "must have" to: "that is my life - that is who I am." It strikes at the very foundation of your identity. That is why it is so difficult to disconnect from.

If you find yourself obsessing on anything, or image and you don't know why you feel you need to have it in some way, you're hooked (with a STRONG-hold). You may tell yourself, that you've got it under control, but you keep looking for it. You might even be fighting or running from it -everywhere you go, but it just wont go away. You give in. You sin. You get up. You repent. But the cycle starts all over again. You pray. You go down to the alter for prayer. But your secret sin continues to hunt you down...
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Duration: 60+ Days
Requirements: Web/email



Gamble Your life Away

You don't have to go to Las Vegas to loose your money (and your self-worth), because now you can do it online... right in the privacy of your own home, car, bathroom or anywhere you can take your laptop, or portable device.

But where you do it, isn't the problem,
is it? ...


Do you:
  • Find yourself re-living past gambling experiences, planning the next venture?
  • Find yourself thinking of ways to get money to gamble?
  • Need to increasing "the stakes" in order to feel the excitement?
  • Become restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling?
  • Gamble as a way of escaping problems?
  • Gamble as a way of relieving guilt, anxiety or depression?
  • Often return another day in order to get even or chase your losses?
  • Attempt to control, cut back or stop gambling but are unable to do so?
  • Lie to family members, friends about your gambling habits?
  • Lie to therapist, or others to conceal the extent of involvement with gambling?
  • Jeopardize or lose a significant relationship because of gambling?
  • GJeopardize or lose a job or career opportunity because of gambling?
  • Rely on others to provide money to relieve a desperate financial situation caused by gambling?
  • Participate in illegal activities (e.g. forgery, fraud or theft) in order to finance your gambling?


"For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world,
and loses his own soul?
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"
(Matthew 16:26)



Cost: free
Duration: TBD
Requirements: Web/email

Live Help... Christians in Recovery


Img Technology has help to improve many areas of our lives, both good... and bad. Video game addiction has recently (within the last 30+ years) become a real problem that can no longer be over looked as just a harmless child's game. There is an eye opening video on YouTube that reveals how witchcraft based strongholds have been embedded into our society...(click here). If you fast forward to approximately 45 minutes, you see the truth about Pokemon! The entire video is well over two hours, but is a very informative wake-up call.

We should also not ignore that the immersion in fantasy is a natural bridge into gambling, pornography, and other forms of escape from reality. To the mind, a world of fantasy is no different than a world of lies. This applies even to all forms of religion, because religion is any belief that is not based on the Truth. What you believe governs your life.

To one who knows the Truth, it is easy to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. But when someone cannot determine the difference between what is fantasy and what is real, their path will be one of confusion at the least.

When we watch a movie based on fantasy (99% movies are based on fiction), we are influenced by the message of that fantasy... and Video games have something a fantasy movie does not - interaction via game controllers, keyboards, voice recognition, etc. It is through the interactive component with the world of fantasy that Video Games add an even greater synaptic memory que which, in turn, trains you to believe that you are "IN CONTROL" of your life --- instead of allowing God to be in control of your real life. This makes you easy prey for a demon to establish a stronghold (a lie that you believe) through which the demon can gain more and more access to your soul. Why? Because...

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.
(John 10:10a)

Only when the problem becomes obvious that it can't be ignored, that society will begin to admit to it and try to deal with it. But at best, they miss the real root cause at the spiritual level, and as a result, they miss the Truth, that makes you truly free.

The symptoms are substantial in Video Game Addiction.
As difficult as it is for some people to accept, any behavior can become addictive. To see if video game addiction exists we need to explore what an addiction is:
  • A preoccupation or obsession
  • Loss of control
  • Acting out despite negative consequences
A person can become so involved in a game they think about it almost all of their waking hours. That individual may find it difficult to keep up with occupational and family responsibilities because they are spending so much time playing (or thinking about) the game. Game players have been known to play for days without proper rest or eating well.

These types of circumstances are present in all addictions, whether the addiction is to a chemical or a behavior. Therefore, we must conclude that a person can actually become addicted to video games. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is considering adding “Internet/video game addiction” to the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Currently, video game addiction might fall under the diagnosis of “impulse control disorder.”

Other considerations that play a major role in all addictions are:
  1. Chemical changes in the brain
    Playing games causes a release of dopamine. The compulsive gambler experiences the same dopamine rush. It has been described as a mild “cocaine rush.”

  2. The “escape-factor" that provides a means to avoid responsibility.
    Video games also offer the person an escape from reality. The individual gets to escape to a fantasy world where they feel “in control.” This “escape” is one of the effects drug users seek in chemical dependency.

Internet and gaming addictions have been a growing problem, and are more serious if ignored because of its entry level danger.

Also see article from WebMD about video game addiction: Click Here

Video Game Addiction


This program has not yet been developed. We are currently looking for someone who has overcome this issue and can give real, down to earth and effective instruction to help guide others in a 30-60 day transformation format similar to the 60 day program above (for overcoming addiction to pornography). [contact form]

Cost: free
Duration: TBD
Requirements: Web/email


Real Lasting Recovery...

is not about the life of pain you're trying to get away from. It's about getting to the place where you're living the real LIFE that God created you to live.

"The thief does not come except to steal,
and to kill, and to destroy.
I have come that they may have life,
and that they may have it more abundantly."
John 10:10

Alcohol addiction is arguably the Number One Area of Bondage due to its long history. It's one of the easiest, most common, slow but sure paths of destruction! It is a lethal idol that compounds the stronghold in your soul with a stronghold in your body!
Here are just a few of the effects:
  • It entices you with its temporary form of escape from reality, while ...
  • It entraps you with a stronghold of physical dependence, and ...
  • It lowers your immune system (physically, spiritually and in your soul) which...
  • It makes you easy prey for other diseases and demon doorways
  • It dulls your physical and mental senses and reactions
  • It dulls your rational thought
  • It clouds your body and soul and therefore dims your spiritual awareness and guidance system

When used repeatedly as a temporary solution to escape responsibility, it opens the door (creates a stronghold) to a spirit of Alcohol...that will seek to destroy not only you but your family directly or indirectly...from generation to generation. (Isn't it interesting that Liquor is still labeled "spirits" in many grocery stores?!)

When alcohol becomes your master, it becomes your god and you serve it by sacrificing your life to it. Why? Because it so easily grants you the euphoric privilege of escaping (IGNOR-ing) the very TRUTH that can set you free! There are millions of people who fall easy prey to this widespread trap...


Being sober is great. Being Truly Free and fulfilling your destiny ... is worth living for.



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"Twelve Steps & Biblical Comparisons"



Alcohol not strong enough for you?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Drug Addiction


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Also see other Ministries in Alcohol Module

Eating Disorders


"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall"

Should I eat?
...or not at all?

Do you live -to-eat?
Do you eat -to- live?
Not eat -to-NOT really live?

Are you overweight because you just can't put down that last bite?
Or are you more worried how you look compared to others ?

Of course, you are concerned what friends and family might be thinking.
BUT ...



All addictions and disorders counterfeit a solution to our 3 God given needs for Love, security and significance. There are two principle demons you will find at the root.
They are:
  1. the spirit of Insecurity
  2. and
  3. the spirit of Inferiority
This particular "disorder" is obviously headed by Inferiority. There's a great book that exposes these to subtle and widespread enemies of our souls called "satan's dirty little secret".

These two demons are by no means limited to this one particular disorder, but you will find them among almost every other addiction and disorder, as well. These two demon types love to party in your head and will invite as many of their demon friends as possible, Like: Doubt, Discouragement, Despair, Depression, Death (Isolation & Suicide).
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Eating Disorders


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Control Freak

ControlFreak This condition is equally prevalent in Men as in Women. It is widespread, rampant and just as difficult to deal with, because the "infected" person is so far in denial and blinded by their own ruler-ship that they cannot understand or accept that they might be wrong. It is near impossible to have a rational conversation with them because they really do not care what is actually right or true as long as they can convince/force others to believe in them and thus control the reluctant believer.

It is no surprise that this is rampant in many religions and almost all of the religious deviations of Christianity! But beware, only the out of control - control freaks exhibit extreme behavior. Most are more subtle and calculating. These people love to take leadership roles, but are not true leaders.

True leaders are focused on serving the people whom they are responsible for, because ultimately, the leader must give an account to God for those being cared for by leading them. True leaders are governed by the code of righteousness (Matthew 6:33). "Control Freaks" are governed by their own code of self-righteousness. True leaders lead others on the path that is right, not the path they feel is right (if you can't see the difference, no doubt, there is a beam in your eye).

But the problem is far more involved than just the controling behavior that we can detect. There is also the flip side of those who are easily manipulated by this controlling influence. Note that you will also find this paired behavior in dependent / co-dependent relationships as in:
  • Alcoholic and drug related marriages
  • Bullies & Wimps (with children as well as adults)
  • Peer Pressure
  • Master & Slave(s):
    • Humans that are debased and sold as slaves
    • Improper and imposing work environments induced by financial punishment more than just and rewarding compensation for honest work.
    • Role-playing relationships such as in Sado-Masicism or homosexual-unreality...
Truly, the list is as wide as it is deep. Intimidation and submission are the "powers" that are employed.

From the book 'Dealing with the CrazyMakers in Your Life: Setting Boundaries on Unhealthy Relationships' by Dr. David Hawkins, spells out the traits of the control freak. Here are a few of the traits:
  • Black and white thinking - no room for gray
  • Control of conversation, even to the point of being rude
  • Must be “right," so that means the other person is wrong
  • Attempt to prove you wrong with no regard for your feelings
  • Rewrite history to make their point, even bringing up events from decades ago
  • Use of intimidation unabated
  • Rigid and perfection-istic
  • Coercion and forced agreements, either aggressively or passive-aggressively
  • Shaming you for being a "sheep" or "forgetful" or "crazy" or "uninformed"
Control Freaks are not only domineering, but tenacious as well. They are like a bulldog with a bone—there is absolutely no way you will dissuade them from their point of view. Any attempt to do so will only lead to frustration on your part. They are relentless, narrowly focused, and doggedly determined. You might as well terminate the conversation before you feel any worse about yourself.

Don't get side-tracked with the minor symptoms of perfectionism, verbal abuse, or the demeanor of superior-ism. There's more than meets the eye...

Spiritual Roots

The root of this problem is typically one or more spiritual strongholds based in your pride and inspired by an age old tag-team of demonic spirits named Jezebel and Ahab. These spirits are not to be trifled with. You have to lay the axe at the root of this demonic tree! You must learn how you can effectively overcome it in your life before the Lord can begin to use you to free others from this deadly duo.
(Luke 6:42)

There are many books and counselors that deal with handling the symptoms, but sadly it's rare to find those who are even aware of these spirits, let alone know how to deal with them. Seek the wisdom from the Holy Spirit concerning your involvement with someone who has this problem. It's doubtful they would be here reading this, because in their mind, they already know it all. As you seek God in this matter, you will begin to recognize the typical ways of how these spirits manifest in not only individuals, but in groups, families, churches and even nations.

Even if you're not a "control freak", you might fall prey to an Ahab spirit that will pair you with a person with a Jezebel spirit. If you don't have the time right now, come back before this problem gets you in the back. Know how to deal with this situation. You cannot deal with the infected person through direct confrontation. But, you must deal directly with the spirits by first appropriately taking your authority in Christ over those spirits. Then you can begin to seek how the Holy Spirit wishes to have you minister to that infested person. Download pdf article >>

Control Freak


This program has not yet been developed. We are currently looking for someone who has overcome this issue and can give real, down to earth and effective instruction to help guide others in a 30-60 day transformation format similar to the 60 day program above (for overcoming addiction to pornography). [contact form]

Cost: Free
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workoholic Time for a REALITY CHECK!

While adding years to your life...
are you adding Life to your years?

The fact is, your addiction is your escape from reality. Whether its work or exercise or dancing or reading novels, or fashion clothing, or all consuming selfless endeavors like feeding the homeless, ... which are all nothing more than "good works".

It's a distraction that helps you... avoid facing the Truth of your mortal existence. The Truth is that you were created by God to Live Life to the fullest ... but without destroying yourself and others in the process which is impossible without God because He is Life. (John 14:6, John 1:4, Romans 6:23) But THE LIE (that your addiction traps you into believing) is that you can earn your way to Heaven ... if you work hard enough.




This program has not yet been developed. We are currently looking for someone who has overcome this issue and can give real, down to earth and effective instruction to help guide others in a 30-60 day transformation format similar to the 60 day program above (for overcoming addiction to pornography). [contact form]

Cost: Free
Duration: TBD
Requirements: See below



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