What Happens When You Die?

Heaven after Death?

When your body dies on Earth,
what happens to your spirit and your soul?...

Is that it?

Do You just... 'END' ??

Under the popular belief of Evolution, when you 'End' -- 'WHO YOU ARE' becomes only a memory in the minds of others, at best, for a few generations - (maybe a little longer, if you made it into the records of History).

But otherwise, .....you just fade away from any real existence. You are separated forever from any communication, connection or relationship with anyone you knew or loved. The theory of Evolution, values your life only as a piece of cosmic dust that gets swept away under the endless rug of time. If that's the case, the purpose and true value of your life has no real meaning except for the efforts of entertaining your flesh and feelings and whatever morals you may attach to them during your brief "aliveness" on earth. Evolution defines YOUR life as only the result of a random chance accident in the history of the Universe and is therefore INSIGNIFICANT. The hope for your life after death is "nothingness." Therefore, you might as well "eat -drink-and be merry for tomorrow you die" (because in the belief of Evolution: there is no life after death).

Under that view, the average human life has no real value (and definitely no eternal value) and is no different from that of an animal which is viewed to exist by "the survival of the fittest" (coined by Darwinism). This is a view which proposes for those of us who are underprivileged (or not evolving) , that it's just too bad if we don't survive, because we are merely expendable matter in the process of those who are evolving into god (probably billions of years from now - but not now).

That means that the brave soldier who bled and died protecting our country so we could freely debate the origin of our existence, simply died in vain. And the single mother who struggles to give her child food, clothes and love, is no greater than a cock roach. ...

Can you feel the love?


Is there actually a greater meaning to YOUR Life -- both now and after death?

The truth is:
Your spirit and soul DOES NOT END,

...Because, God is the one who created the Heavens and the Earth, and He created you to have a fulfilled life with others while on Earth as well as with Him and others in Eternity.

The purpose is LIFE, The reason is LOVE, The time is Now.

God created us with the ability to choose: to accept or reject Him in our heart. Because:
Love can't be forced,
Love must be given freely.

That is the reason WHY he created the Heavens and the Earth, to give us a chance to exercise our choice (our love). But, He knew all of us, would struggle between our selfish pride and our true relationship with our Heavenly Father (and with each other).

Unfortunately, that complicates things (for us). .
In fact, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE!

To resolve this, God proved His love for us beyond what any of us could do. He stepped down from Heaven to Earth and made himself just as vulnerable as we are. The Old Testament in the Bible prophesies Him as the Messiah. The New Testament Reveals Him as Jesus. He made Himself a limited Human (like us) and sacrificed His mortal desires, and ultimately his mortal life to make a way for us to have a LIFE with Him, without corruption (both now and in Eternity).

Then, What is Love? True Love? YOUR Love?
Is that an accident too?
Without LOVE, the Bible would be ridiculous
(and so would our lives).

Now consider that God DID MAKE you, and really does love you. Because He didn't make you as an experiment or random chance of evolution. But He made you purposefully in His image, with the ability to have a relationship with Him where the fullness of Love can be truly expressed and shared.

Consider that Heaven is an eternal place where God dwells. A place where there are no obstacles between your relationship those you love and especially with the Creator of everything. A place without corruption, or pride or selfishness or anything that harms you or others (what the Bible calls "sin").

God created you and Loves you, and wants you to be with Him.

But ...

He can't force you to love Him.
And therefore, He gave you a choice:

If you DON'T want to be in Heaven with God,
then the alternative is where God is NOT
...which is Hell (a place where Heaven is NOT).

Sadly, the only thing YOU CAN KEEP in Hell ... is YOUR PRIDE.
(Pride is the illusion that you can take the place of God).

It is 100%, your choice to make.

But, it is God's desire for you to be with Him in Heaven.
Not only that, God has a greater purpose for your life: NOW!

Your Life has great value to God
and to us who would be your spiritual family...

Already a believer?
(You have prayed and asked Jesus to come into your heart to be your Lord and savior)


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